Our Guiding Principles

Since we first opened our doors in 2011, NEA Financial Services has been dedicated to three basic principles: trust, service, and excellence.


You can trust that we will always use our knowledge and abilities in your best interest – to get the best results possible in any service we provide you.


You will always receive a prompt, friendly response when you contact NEA Financial Services.  Guaranteed.  Founder Kevin Clark, CPA, has over 25 years of experience in financial services, and has also owned and managed a small business.  We have some unique insights into the day-to-day challenges of operating a business or professional practice - and we are dedicated to helping you improve your finances and grow your business.


Our primary goal as your trusted advisor is to be available and to provide services and insightful advice that will help you make the best financial decisions possible. This commitment drives everything we do, whether its for a large business or an individual tax return; whether it’s an ongoing service that continues for several years or a one-time consultation – everything we do is motivated by our passion to help you be more profitable and successful.


Kevin Clark, CPA

Kevin Clark is a native of Jonesboro, Arkansas with over 25 years of experience in financial services, including accounting with two local firms before starting NEA Financial Services in 2011. He has also owned his own small business, a retail pharmacy, in addition to operating his own insurance agency and investment firm for many years.

I love helping people grow and improve their business, and I do that by helping them get some clarity and more efficiency in their accounting process. Better information leads to better decisions. I know effective accounting is not the only factor that can make or break a business, but I’m convinced that it’s a major factor, and I am building NEAFS to be a resource for people who are ready to do more than just survive day-to-day, but really want to thrive and grow their business.
— Kevin Clark, CPA

Kevin started his career in the life insurance industry, as an agent in his father's agency in Jonesboro.  He soon expanded his offerings by obtaining his securities license and began helping clients manage their retirement portfolios and other investment accounts.  As their firm grew and served clients all over Northeast Arkansas and in surrounding states, Kevin decided to chance a business venture with his new wife.  Together they opened a retail pharmacy in Jonesboro, and Kevin also returned to school for his accounting degree.  He earned his accounting degree at Arkansas State University in 2005, and has been a CPA since 2008. After working with two excellent accounting firms in the Jonesboro area, he opened his own firm in 2011 to start his own unique brand of excellent service. His specialty is assisting business owners and independent professionals with their accounting and investment needs. Kevin lives in Jonesboro with his wife and two sons.

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