Payroll Services

How many hours each month do you spend performing payroll functions?   

Let NEA Financial Services help you!

            *If you're a new business, we can help you set up your payroll and all the tax accounts for a one-time fee!

Just choose your level of service:

Full Service

We do it all! Using our online platform, we prepare your payroll for you each pay period – including FREE direct deposit for your employees.  All tax deposits are calculated and scheduled, all quarterly and annual reports are filed. You have complete access to the online system, so you can review information and print reports anywhere, anytime. Fees are based on pay frequency and number of employees $100- 250/Month

Team Effort

This is a little bit you, a little bit us.  If you want to calculate and write your checks each pay period, we will make sure the required federal and state deposits are scheduled and made on time,  AND we can take care of all of the quarterly reports required, including the FEDERAL FORM 941, the STATE UNEMPLOYMENT REPORT for the Arkansas DWS, and even the FEDERAL FORM 940 at the end of the year along with the STATE WITHHOLDING RECONCILIATION AR3MAR. We'll even include the W2s at the end of the year! $250-500/quarter, based on number of employees.

Do-It (Mostly) -Yourself

This is also known as “After-the-Fact” payroll.  If you want to calculate and write your paychecks yourself each pay period, and you can take care of making the required tax deposits, this is a great option that gives you some expert backup assistance should you ever need it.  Just send us your payroll info each pay period - we can take care of all of the reports listed above, including the W2s.  $200-400/quarter, based on number of employees.

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We also consult with many businesses with accounting questions or problems, so if you don’t see what you need – please call and ask! (870) 336-4141