Quickbooks Services

If you are new to Quickbooks or just starting your business, we can help you:

  • Determine the version of Quickbooks that is right for you,
  • Set up your chart of accounts and lists of vendors, customers, and employees,
  • Connect your Quickbooks to your banking accounts for automatic feeds (BIG TIME-SAVER!)
  • Help you clean-up transactions and trouble-shoot problems
  • Provide training resources for basic transaction recording and other activities.

If you are already using Quickbooks, our ProAdvisor (Kevin Clark) can help you convert to QuickBooks Online from the desktop version.  And we're glad to help you in any way we can, cleaning up problem areas or providing training tools to help you use Quickbooks more effectively.  We can work for you on a fixed monthly fee - you can put us on a "retainer" and we won't start a time-clock every time you call!

Call or email us today or set up an appointment to tell us what you need and get us started! 



We also consult with many businesses with accounting questions or problems, so if you don’t see what you need – please call and ask! (870) 336-4141